Meagan Weatherby Co-PresidentMeagan Weatherby

Meagan developed an abiding love for movements that build fair, cooperative economies while working at Cooperative Federal, a community credit union in Syracuse. She is responsible for program sustainability, grants management and outreach at Coop Fed, where she has worked since 2005. Meagan decided to serve on SRFC's board because she thinks that strengthening and scaling authentic community-owned, economically and environmentally responsible businesses is critical work. (As if that isn't reason enough, the meetings usually have snacks.) She volunteers for the advisory council of Eat to Live Food Cooperative, and delights in being an active member of her community garden. Raised in New Britain, CT, Meagan earned a BA in Women & Gender Studies and English from Syracuse University in 2005. She lives in the Westcott neighborhood with her husband, cat, and housemates.
Andrew Erickson Co-PresidentAndrew Erickson

Andrew and his wife have been members of the Syracuse Real Food Co-op since they purchased a house in the Co-op neighborhood in 2012. Andrew is passionate about Syracuse and taking part in community development. His job as a Construction Project Development Manager for Home HeadQuarters, Inc., actively involves him in revitalization activities across the City and gives him a unique angle to approach the many issues that a board member must face. Andrew also serves on the board of the University Neighborhood Preservation Association.
Debra Lee Gertz SecretaryDebra Lee Gertz

Debra Lee Gertz has been a member of the Syracuse Real Food Coop since she arrived in Syracuse in 1982. She was a working member in the early years, and this is her second term serving on the Board. She is learning a lot in her current role as Secretary. Debra Lee lives in the Westcott neighborhood and she practices acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
Larry Rutledge TreasurerLarry Rutledge

Larry has been a member of the Syracuse Real Food Co-op since the mid 1970’s and on the Board of Directors since 1987 with a year or two out three years ago. He has worked in construction and property development and management his entire adult life. Larry’s experience will come in handy as the Co-op considers relocation. He thinks we need as many examples of cooperatives in our local and the larger community as possible. Larry’s tenure shows him to have the commitment to the Co-op that is needed to help the Co-op move into the future and will be looking for younger cooperators to join the Board of Directors in days to come.
John Craddock Board MemberJohn Craddock
Board Member

John is a part of the Dean’s office in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, where he runs a media production unit that creates graphic design, video and still photography products. He is also a filmmaker and has his own production company which has produced both documentary and narrative films. John volunteers his time and skills to help produce and direct videos for numerous non-profit, arts and political organizations. He worked in and managed a family-owned boutique for 5 years while in college, giving him a thorough understanding of the challenges that can face small retail businesses. He spent his high-school and college years living in Asheville, NC and since then has worked in a number of other cities. John first came to Syracuse for graduate school in 2002 and in the process found the Syracuse Real Food Co-op and is now on the Board of Directors.
Abigail Henson Board MemberAbigail Henson
Board Member

Abigail is a Natural Gourmet Chef and the owner of LOFO, a farm-to-table establishment located in downtown Armory Square. Her passions in tea drinking, food, and travel have taken her around the world and back landing her in her hometown Syracuse where she hopes to inspire a more progressive food scene. Raised with an edible lawn, her suburban parents set the tone for eating what can be grown as close to home as possible. She continues to spread a similar message daily weaving the fabric of surrounding farms into her menu- showcasing options that get people of all food preferences excited to eat around the same table again.
Thane Joyal Board MemberThane Joyal
Board Member

Thane Joyal has served several terms on the Syracuse Real Food Co-op board since joining the co-op in 1998. During that time, she had the opportunity to participate in a pilot of a cooperative board development program, and in 2007 she began consulting with boards of retail food co-ops across the country. Thane also maintains a small environmental law practice concentrating on the Onondaga Lake Superfund site.
Julie Longmore Board MemberJulie Longmore
Board Member

Julie brings a multitude of professional experiences including strong oral and written communication skills, business development, marketing, PR abilities and sound community connections through highly effective networking to the Board. Her other volunteer experience includes active volunteering and fundraising for the Everson Museum of Art, the Manlius Library, the FM school district and Open Hand Theater. Julie is starting her fifth year on the Syracuse Real Food Co-op’s Board of Directors and has served as Secretary of the Board of Directors for a portion of that time. She has attended every annual SRFC BOD retreat, each under CDS/CBLD facilitation and guidance and has been a presence at many events like the Westcott Street Cultural Fair, the Syracuse First New Economic Summit and her association with the Syracuse Real Food Co-op is widely known.

Steve Morris pic CACSteven Morris
Board Member

Steven was a Rochester native before opening Mello Velo, a bicycle shop of which he is the co-owner and manager. He studied Natural Resource Management and Forestry at SUNY-ESF. Steven is also a firm believer in community involvement, hard work and making things happen. At home, he enjoys vegetable gardening and cooking. For the past 10 years he has come into the Co-op on a semi-regular basis, mainly looking for specialty items for himself and the shop cafe. He has been serving on the Board, filling an unexpired term, and finds it very rewarding.


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