About the Board of Directors

What is the Board's Role?

The Board of Directors is the legal representative of the member/owners and, as such, is responsible for the overall wellbeing of Syracuse Real Food Co-op (SRFC). The Board exercises its authority through its relationship with the General Manager, whom it hires and monitors. All of the Board's expectations and requirements for the General Manager's performance are clearly stated in the Board's written policies. By verifying that the General Manager remains in compliance with the Board's policies, and by shaping and supporting the cooperative’s strategic plan, the Board works to achieve our Ends Policy: to be a “sustainable, thriving cooperative commerce in our local community centered on an excellent grocery store, built upon participation and ownership.”

What the Board Does Not Do

The Board does not involve itself in operational details. We do not make decisions about what we stock, the specifics of personnel issues, or the design of the store. The Board governs by declaring, through its policies, the results it wants and the actions it wants the General Manager to avoid while achieving those results

About SRFC

Syracuse Real Food Co-op is a New York cooperative corporation, operating a retail natural food grocery store on Kensington Road. For more than 43 years, SRFC has brought sustainably sourced, organically produced foods to Syracuse through a community owned market. Today, we are proud to partner with over 70 New York State producers as well as a growing number of cooperative businesses.

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