Board of Directors Responsibilities

SRFC Food Coop

Board of Directors Job Description


1. Minimum Director Requirements

a. Attend and participate in monthly Board meetings and scheduled study and
engagement sessions.
b. Attend and participate in the Annual Membership Meeting and other meetings
of owners.
c. Participate in all scheduled training and planning sessions.
d. Participate as needed in ad hoc Board committees.

2. Attendance and Schedule

a. Arrive on time to all scheduled meetings.
b. Be reasonably accessible to member-owners by participating in Co-op events.
c. Fulfill any rotating duties, such as tabling or meeting officer duties.

3. General

a. Support and further develop Ends statements and other Board policies that
reflect the needs of the owners.
b. Ensure financial solvency and integrity of the Co-op by reviewing monitoring
c. Support the agreements of the Board of Directors.
d. Perform tasks conveyed by the Board of Directors.
e. Follow through on commitments.
f. Understand and participate in the Board's decision making process.
g. Keep informed of the affairs of the Co-op and be prepared to discuss issues
before the Board.
h. Evaluate the General Manager's performance based on monitoring reports.
i. Participate in all Board self-evaluations.
j. Learn about the natural foods industry and cooperative organizations.

4. Connection to Member/Owners

a. Consider at all times owner input in decision making.
b. Keep owners informed about the affairs of the coop.

5. Communication

a. Listen openly and share opinions respectfully.
b. Use communications systems to convey relevant information.
c. Set clear and reasonable boundaries.
d. Respect the clear and reasonable boundaries of others.


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